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The company

The company was founded in 1999. If you wonder, what the name might mean, you’ve probably never debugged a low level SAP basis problem, never patched an SAP ‘kernel’ package, and surely never really started an SAP ABAP application server on the command line! ‘disp+work’ (dispatcher and work processes) is the main binary of the SAP ABAP stack. Of course, this stack has gone through cillion of changes, and so have we, but at the end of the day ‘basics’ stay the same.


1. SAP Technology consulting / SAP HANA consulting / performance tuning and benchmarks

We started working with SAP R/3 way back ‘last century’, with SAP R/3 1.X. Ever since then, we’ve done migrations, upgrades, EHP installations and dozens of S/4 conversions. We have supported small to large companies with their SAP basis issues, and have run a huge number of prove of concepts (PoC).

In addition to our basis experience, we have done SAP standard benchmarking projects (e.g. SAP Sales & Distribution or SAP BWH) as well as application specific or customer scenario specific performance tests. 

2. Cloud consulting / infrastructure consulting

No matter how you are getting access to your IT infrastructure, theses days, shall that be cloud-based (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) or on premises, at the end of the day there is an infrastructure underneath and an infrastructure required to access it. Connectivity, latency and through-put do still matter, because that is what really impacts the application performance, not the clouds around it. We have years of experience in some of the ‘commonly known cloud environments’ as well as with all different kind of infrastructure components, such as networking, SAN and virtualization technologies.

3. Development

We have a wide range of experience in software development; from ‘deep down’ C/C++ or Java development, over several scripting languages, up to ABAP and UI5 development.  


disp+work IT Services GmbH

Eptingweg 1
65929 Frankfurt am Main

Tel. +49 (0)69 30039403